Products and Services

Products and Services

Kaiwood provides products and services mainly in two categories: Bio-photonic and Medical Devices, Production and Measurement Equipments in Photonics.

1. Bio-photonic and Medical Devices
Taken advantage on the well-developed electronic design power in Taiwan, Kaiwood combines the digital components from existed medical and electronic products and modified them for customization purposes. These devices can long-term monitor the health conditions of the patients by communicating with the health centers and process and store the data for later professional treatments. These devices and services include:

(a) Medical Device
  • CHR100
  • CHR101
  • CHR-200R
  • CHR-110R
(b) Device Design and OEM
Kaiwood is a team with members experienced in photonics, mechanisms, optical spectrum, and software. We have designed lots of ODM devices and equipments based on customer demands. We also cooperate with research labs to develop some innovative machines which are specific for customer products. We can fulfill your any request through our strong R&D team.

Cooperation Experience:
1.Microfluidic Chip Reader (National Cheng-Kung University)
Principle: The reader couples electrophoresis with laser induced fluorescence detection system to perform microchip electrophoresis and allows four chips to be used sequentially in a single operation. The sensitivity is as low as 1ppm DNA molecules when intercalating dye is used.
2.Microfluidic Chip-Based Magnetic Beads Fluorescence Analyzer (National Cheng-Kung University)
Principle: Patent pending, can't disclosure now

(c) Reagents

The advanced in vitro immunodiagnostic test systems not only can detect early-stage diseases rapidly, but also provide a low-cost, long-term monitoring tool for medical references. These systems including the reagents and the devices then promote a better quality in medical treatment. The reagents that go with the systems are:
(Drugs of Abuse Tests), (Fertility Tests), (Infectious Disease and Health Tests), (Animal Disease and Drug Residual Tests)

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