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EASEmed Rapid Test Reagent

 KAIWOOD rapid test reagent product (EASEmed rapid test reagent) is a colloidal gold rapid test reagent with high sensitivity and accuracy, fast response, low cost, only a small amount of specimen is needed, easy to operate, and suitable for a variety of specimen sources (urine fluid, blood, fecal....) and other characteristics.
The principle is to use lateral flow immunochromatographic assay to detect the specificity and immunoaffinity between antibody/antigen. The analyte is moved in the nitrocellulose membrane by capillary attraction, and the immune reaction between the antigen/antibody of the analyte is carried out, and the disease is screened through the color development of the nano-scale colloidal gold particles.
Otherwise, in addition to the naked eye interpretation of results, KAIWOOD is reagent products can also be combined systematically with KAIWOOD is detectors, and the results can be obtained in about 2 to 5 seconds after being installed on the detectors, and qualitative/semi-quantitative judgments can be made; It can provide doctors, patients or other relevant units with effective judgment in the first time, give appropriate medical treatment immediately and save the test results as data.
KAIWOOD not only has a complete rapid test reagent production line and good production environment control, but also the detector can be customized and adjusted for different reagent products of customers.
Drugs of Abuse Rapid Test Reagent
Product Format Specimen Cut-Off
Methamphetamine (MET) Rapid Test Cassette Urine 500 ng/mL
Morphine (MOR) Rapid Test Cassette Urine 300 ng/mL
Ketamine (KET) Rapid Test Cassette Urine 100 ng/mL
MET/ MOR ( 2 in 1 ) Rapid Test Cassette Urine -
Fertility Rapid Test Reagent
Product Format Specimen Cut-Off
Pregnancy (hCG) Rapid Test Cassette
Dipstick Midstream
Urine 25 mIU/mL
Ovulation (LH) Rapid Test Cassette
Urine 25 mIU/mL
Tumor Markers Rapid Test Reagent
Product Format Specimen Cut-Off
Carcinoma embryonic Antigen (CEA) Rapid Test Cassette Serum 5 ng/mL
Prostate Special Antigen (PSA) Rapid Test Cassette Serum 4 ng/mL
Alpha Fetoprotein (AFP) Rapid Test Cassette Serum 20 ng/mL
Fecal Occult Blood Rapid Test Cassette Fecal 50 ng/mL
Infectious Disease Rapid Test Reagent
Product Format Specimen
Helicobacter pylori Antigen (HpSA) Rapid Test Cassette Fecal
Helicobacter pylori Antibody (HpAb) Rapid Test Cassette Serum