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Handheld Rapid Test Reader (CHR-631)

Hand-held Rapid test Reader

CHR-631 handheld chromogenic Analyzer is a small portable rapid test reader.

◎ Light weight, can be held with one hand.
◎ Built-in Android system, the graphical interface can be used quickly.
◎ 5-inch touch screen, easy to operate.
◎ Use visual imaging system.
◎ Can save more than 5000 test data and photos.
◎ External thermal printer for instant printing.
◎ Provide qualitative/semi-quantitative data.
◎ Support hospital LIS system.
◎ Lithium battery power supply.
◎ Can be charged by power supply or car charger.
◎ Dimensions: 236mm(H)*104mm(W)*96.5mm(D)
◎ Weight: 740g

Suitable for testing drugs of abuse, disease testing, animal testing, food drug residue testing, etc. This is ideal for use in roadside inspection, on-site sampling, random inspection, emergency room and medical laboratory...etc.

KAIWOOD Technology's rapid testing chromogenic analyzer is used in conjunction with the customer's detection reagent cassette, just send us the detection reagent cassette for evaluation, and a suitable chromogenic analyzer will be tailored for you.

Certificate : FDA Listing, CE DoC, License
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