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Standalone Rapid Test Reader (CHR-110R)

Rapid Test Reader

CHR-110R chromogenic analyzer is a multifunctional desktop rapid test reader.

◎ Use a USB cable to connect to a Windows computer.
◎ Fast computing speed, high execution efficiency, and good operating experience.
◎ Use visual imaging system.
◎ Multi-purpose detection disc design, compatible with different styles of cartridges/strip reagents.
◎ Use RFID system to import reagent parameters.
◎ No need for external power supply.
◎ Automatically save inspection data and photos.
◎ Provide qualitative/semi-quantitative data.
◎ Printable test report.
◎ Dimensions: 210mm(W)*220mm(D)*125mm(H)
◎ Weight: 1.5kg

Applies in drug abuse, human and medical disease detection, animal disease detection, food drug residue detection and other fields. This is ideal for field sampling, spot inspection, emergency rooms, medical laboratories...etc.

KAIWOOD Technology's color analyzer is used in conjunction with the customer's detection reagent cassette, just send the detection reagent cassette to us for evaluation, and a suitable color analyzer will be tailored for you.

Certificate : FDA Listing, CE DoC, License
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