Products and Services

Products and Services

The products of KAIWOOD Technology are mainly divided into three categories, which are "Biomedical Instruments", "Biomedical Reagents" and "Product OEM Services".

1. Biomedical Instruments:
 The Rapid Test Reader, also known as the rapid screening tester, in the biomedical equipment category provides a general-purpose detection platform, using machine vision and patented technology, it can eliminate human subjectivity and perform accurate qualitative/quantitative detection and interpretation, suitable for detection fields such as food safety, drug abuse, human medical diseases, etc. KAIWOOD has experience in cooperating with dozens of reagent manufacturers around the world. The reagent styles that can be matched with the machine include card type, strip type, pen type, cup type, microarray type, etc. The analyzer can be customized adjustments for customers' reagent products.

Windows Series
 ※Connect with computer, fast computing speed, high execution performance, excellent operating experience.
Android Series
 ※All-in-one embedded computer system, touch operation, can be independent operation.
MCU Series
 ※Single-chip microprocessor system, small size, clears function and attractive price.
2. Biomedical Reagents:
 KAIWOOD's rapid test reagent product (EASEmed rapid test reagent) is a colloidal gold rapid test reagent with high sensitivity and accuracy, fast response, low cost, only a small amount of specimen is needed, easy to operate, and suitable for a variety of specimen sources (urine fluid, blood, fecal, serum....) and other characteristics. In addition to the way of reading the results with the naked eye, KAIWOOD's reagent products can also be combined systematically with KAIWOOD's detectors, and the results can be obtained in about 2 to 5 seconds after being installed on the detectors, and qualitative/semi-quantitative judgments can be made; It can provide doctors, patients or other relevant units with effective judgment at the first time, give appropriate medical treatment immediately and save the test results as data.

3. Product OEM Services:
 KAIWOOD had provided OEM services to larger organizations and retail business. We manufacture for private label, value brand, major brand and batch production. KAIWOOD's continuously offering these services to meet our customers’ requirements. KAIWOOD has a complete test reagent production line and good production environment control. In addition to visual interpretation, the reagent products can also be systematically matched with KAIWOOD's readers to store the test results in digital format, even store in the cloud.

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