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Standalone Rapid Test Reader (CHR-308S)


Standalone Rapid Test Reader

CHR-308S has the latest technology, it equips touch panel with Android operating system, and also embedded small thermo printer for real-time report printing.

CHR-308S can distinguish the differences of colors and intensity. With a patented optical correction technology, the reader accurately analyzes the cup test to provide results.

After putting in test cup, it can automatically rotate and find out each strip, provides immediate qualitative results, which allows the police to perform primary elimination on suspects, or military on recruit. Test data image and dates will be stored for evidence and future reference.

Features: For used in multiple tests in cup format. The basic cup size is 58.5mm(f)x83mm(H). Number of tests = 1~16.

KAIWOOD is able to make the Rapid Test Reader work with your cup test, just send us your test cups and we will customize the Rapid Test Reader for you.

Applications :
◎Drugs of Abuse Tests
◎Provide free program for users to have small database, can batch processing and also save real-time image, automatic traceability data. Can be applied to A4 format report.
◎With Wi-Fi to upload results

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