Company Profile

Company Profile

Kaiwood Technology was established in Taiwan in 2001. The core technology is to integrate the skills of opto-electronics, mechanics, spectroscopy, and software to develop various products for optical fiber communication, liquid crystal display (LCD), and bioscience customers. Besides standard products, Kaiwood Technology can provide tailor-made services to match the real requirements of various customers. In recent years, Kaiwood focuses on the Rapid Diagnostics market, that is , the point of care technology (POCT) for its major product development.
During the business development in past years, Kaiwood Technology has owned more than 21 issuesd patents and tens pending patents in Taiwan, U.S., European Union, China, and Japan. Kaiwood Technology also received many awards and sponsorships from Taiwan govement.
For matching the strict medical regulations, Kaiwood Technology got the certifications of ISO 13485 and GMP. In addition, most of the Kaiwood’s products are FDA and CE labeled.

Our Vision
No matter how life style changes, achieving a healthy life is always the most concerning issue for people. Kaiwood is recently devoted in improving traditional disease diagnostics into personal diagnostics. Kaiwood is marketing its own medical products with its clients, and assisting its clients to achieve competitive advantage with precise, fast and high quality technology in quality control management. Based on our development foundation, Kaiwood will become the leading company in the POCT market.


Year 2001 Established at Taipei, Taiwan.
Year 2002 Moved to Tainan Science-Based Industrial Park
Year 2003 Won the Second National Business Start-up Award
Sponsorship for Developing Biochip Reader from the Ministry of Economics
Sponsorship for developing Isolator Polarized Beam Combiner from the Bureau of Tainan Science-Based Industrial Park
Year 2004 Sponsorship for developing Luminometer from the Bureau of Tainan Science-Based Industrial Park
Year 2005 Certificate of 2005 Symbol of National Quality
Awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification
Year 2006 Sponsorship for Developing CCD-based Biochip Reader from the Industrial Technology Development Program of Department of Industrial Technology of the Ministry of Economics
Awarded ISO 13485:2003 certification
Year 2007 Awarded GMP certification
Year 2008 Mass production of CHR-100 and CHR-200R rapid test readers
Year 2011 Construction of reagent factory, obtained ISO 13485 certification
GMP certification for reagent items
Year 2012 Mass production of CHR-110R rapid test readers
Place dozens of CHR-110R in the inspection offices in Taiwan
Year 2013 Mass production of Android rapid test analyzer: CHR-310, CHR-631
Year 2014 Use the brand of EASEmed for marketing
Year 2015 Development of hypochlorous acid water series products: HAS-800
Year 2016 Develop MCU self-test device
Quality System Verification Unit Converted from SGS to BSI
Year 2017 Self-test series products have obtained CE product certification
Year 2018 Obtained ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 new certificates
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