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Handheld Rapid Test Reader (CHR-631)


Hand-held Rapid test Reader

CHR-631 handheld reader is a small and portable reader with compact appearance.

It embedded batteries and Android system for digital image analysis and user friendly. It's ideal for a roadside check, a field sampling, a spot check, an emergency room, POCT and so on by a battery power or an electric cable or a car charger to provide quantitative or qualitative clinical diagnosis for the police, a law enforcement department and a hospital.

◎Road-side check
◎User Friendly
◎Rechargeable battery
◎Touch panel with Android system
◎Detect one strip with multi parameters

KAIWOOD is able to make the Rapid Test Reader work with your test cassettes, just send us your test cassettes and we will customize the Rapid Test Reader for you.

Applications : Quantitative: disease tests (AFP, PSA, ...), fertility tests (LH, HCG), food safety tests(aflatoxins) and so on
Semi-quantitative/qualitative: drugs of abuse tests (DOA, KET, MET, MOR and so on)

Certificates : FDA、CE、ISO13485、QSM

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